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48" x 60". Acrylic on canvas.

Only prints or canvas prints available. Please contact for the price of original if you are interested!

"D" is a remarkable abstract painting that demands attention with its grand scale, measuring an impressive 48" x 60". Crafted with acrylic on canvas, this artwork is a mesmerizing exploration of form and texture, where circles take center stage, each a unique expression of artistic creativity.

At its core, "D" is a captivating display of circles, each possessing distinct textures, sizes, and backgrounds. The artist's mastery of acrylic paints is evident in the way they have imbued each circle with a character of its own, creating a symphony of shapes and colors that harmonize on the canvas.

The interplay of these circles against the canvas results in a dynamic and visually stimulating composition, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the intricacies of each circular form. Whether it's the smooth, glossy circles juxtaposed with rough, textured ones, or the vibrant, contrasting backgrounds that provide depth and contrast, "D" is an artistic journey that keeps the eye engaged and the mind intrigued.

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