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36" x 48". Oil on canvas.

Only prints or canvas prints available. Please contact for the price of original if you are interested!

"C" is a captivating abstract painting that commands attention with its generous dimensions of 36" x 48". Created with meticulous precision in oil on canvas, this artwork offers a mesmerizing exploration of color and form, celebrating the essence of the feminine in a unique and expressive way.

At its heart, "C" showcases an abstract representation of a woman's form, rendered in an enchanting spectrum of blue hues. These graceful and flowing shapes evoke a sense of elegance, femininity, and emotional depth, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the mysterious allure of the female form.

Set against a dynamic and warm orange background, the central figure in "C" emerges as a powerful and enigmatic presence. The interplay between the cool blues and the vibrant orange background creates a striking contrast, symbolizing the complex interplay of emotions, strength, and warmth within every woman. This artwork serves as a powerful tribute to the multifaceted nature of the feminine spirit.

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